Simple User Interface Features

It's all about the swipe feature these days! There's no need to crawl down the rabbit hole to find new music to listen too. Simply open Headline Music, find a genre to explore, listen to the 30-second preview and swipe left or right. Headline Music's user-interface is self-intuitive and user-friendly so you can find your music genre and new music fast (literally, you will find your new favorite band in minutes!). 

Find Undiscovered Music

Headline Music is a music discovery app connecting undiscovered artists to users searching for new music. Users will be able to find music they wouldn't be able to find and artists can share their music with users they might not have been able to reach. Whether you're a user looking for new music to listen to or an artist looking to share your music, Headline Music has you covered. 

Interactive Social Platforms

So you found your new favorite band on Headline Music - now what? Headline Music saves the songs you 'swiped right' on allowing you to access the artists' profile page.  Here you'll find more about the artist and the various other songs created. 


Tommy Bauer

Have you ever put your music on a streaming site only to have it sit there for months, possibly years and never break 1,000 listens?  

I have!

After multiple failed attempts to try and have my music heard, I started to look into the facts about music streaming platforms.  I found that over 90% of the music on current streaming platforms is made up of just 1% of the total songs available...and that's a problem!

Some sort of random selection was needed so that someone with no following could be heard before someone with a huge fan base.  That's when the phrase "Tinder for Music" hit me and Headline Music was born.

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Zach Bauer

Over the past few years in the music industry, I've been surrounded by talented musicians.  Many of these artists have a lot of potential but nowhere to get the recognition they deserve.  When my brother called and told me his idea for Headline Music I knew with my knowledge of the business we could really make something big happen. 


I left class, grabbed a case of beer and drove straight to his house to brainstorm.  The rest is history!    

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